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Imperial egg Pendant

Among the most popular and exquisite necklace pendants are the Imperial egg Pendants. The first Imperial egg was crafted for Tsar Alexander III, who gave it as an Easter present to his wife, Maria Fedorovna in 1885. Since then, it became a tradition to create an egg as a gift for the members of the royal family during the Easter season.

Each egg was created and crafted by skilled jewelers and craftsmen using precious metals and gemstones. The outer shell was designed using gemstones and crystals, creating symbolic patterns. The inside of the shell was another matter. Some were simply designed to hold jewelry and other precious objects, while others contained crafty surprises such as figurines and miniature objects. One of the most popular Imperial eggs contained a golden egg yolk. The yolk opened to reveal a golden hen, which contained a diamond crown with a ruby pendant inside.

Though the modern Imperial Egg Pendant does not contain surprises like a golden hen or golden egg yolk, it is a unique and wonderful addition to necklace and bracelet ensembles. Each pendant is made out of a special alloy with an outer layer coated in enamel and painted with different colors. Then, the pendants are decorated using Swarovski crystals, forming different designs and patterns such as flowers and berries.

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