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Telnyashka Shirt

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Russian Sailor Shirt

A telnyashka is a knitted sailor's undershirt with dark blue and white stripes" - these are just a few lines in a dictionary, but contained within them is an entire life: the life and history of Russia’s striped shirt known and loved by all.

A telnyashka, as this type of sailor's garment is known, appeared during the era of sailing fleets. In the second half of the 19th century, white and blue stripes were added to the shirt for practical reasons: sailors working on masts in this shirt were highly visible on decks against the background of the sky, sea, and sails.

Apart from that, the telnyashka, in comparison with other uniforms, was very practical: it was warm, snugly and fit the body whilst not interfering with free movement during any activity. Not only that, it was easy to wash, and almost never wrinkled. Its colors were also those of the Andreivsky flag, and reminded all of the sea and ships. And not by chance, its informal name, truly a national and beloved element of sea equipment, sounded proud and significant: the soul of the sea! The word "telnyashka" comes from the Russian word "telo," which means "body."

Indeed, this shirt lives up to its affectionate name, which describes how it fits the body like a glove, keeping it warm in the stormiest of seas