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  • Navy Striped Dress (sleeveless)
    $16.99 $7.00
  • Navy Striped Dress
    $16.99 $10.00

Cotton & Linen Dresses

Linen fabric feels wonderfully cool to the touch, while being extremely light, allowing for better airflow over the body; because of it absorbing qualities, linen does not get sticky and stays fresh even in humid climates. Moreover, linen apparel protects from UV rays and naturally repels insects.

Linen clothing can be washed easily and dries very fast. It does not stretch and keeps its shape even after being washed and hung to dry many times.

Linen is a very durable, strong fabric, being 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton. As they are produced in lower quantities and can be more difficult to manufacture, linen clothes are more expensive than cotton, while often outlasting similar clothes made of other materials.

Our linen sundresses and blouses are 100% natural. Linen fabric is almost lint-free, non-allergenic, and non-static, it filters out dust and pollution from the surroundings, and it protects against chemical exposure, and even noise. Linen clothes add a great touch of style and trendiness to any attire. Nowadays, more and more designers are turning to linen as a great alternative to common fabrics!