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SKU S-231321

Blue Flowers Round Handmade Wooden Petrykivka Painting Jewelry Box

Product specification details
SKU S-231321
Made in Ukraine
Fill / Material Material: wood
Soft insert: cashmere fabric
Painting: oil paints
Coating: four layers of glossy lacquer coating
Dimensions diameter 2.7" (6.8 cm), height 1.3" (3.3 cm)
Picture / color Petrykivka painting
Additional Information This item is the unique author's work, and has the artist's signature.

This handmade jewelry box is a beautiful piece of art made from natural wood and hand-painted in one of the most recognizable Ukrainian folk art techniques – Petrykivka painting.

Petrykivka painting (or Petrykivka) is a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style, originating from the village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine, from which the style takes its name. Ornamental painting on walls and on paper were common in many villages of the Dnipropetrovsk area, but were most prevalent and highly developed in the village of Petrykivka. The earliest known examples of this style date from the 18th century. This folk art style features flower patterns, distinctive brush techniques, and its traditionally white background (contemporary painters, however, often work on black, green, red or blue backgrounds).

The craftsmen created this beautiful box from Ukrainian wood. Inside the box there is a soft black cashmere fabric glued to the bottom, which will not allow your jewelry to be scratched. The author's work painted with oils in the folk style of Petrykivka gives the product the most saturated, bright and contrasting colors. The item is covered with four (4) layers of glossy lacquer coating.

This item is the unique author's work, and has the artist's signature. The product is packed in a cardboard box.

This original hand-painted wooden jewelry box can be the perfect gift for any occasion or an excellent traditional Ukrainian souvenir.

*Please note that each product is a hand-painted work of authorship, therefore slight differences in painting are allowed. Color may vary from screen to screen.