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History of dinnerware

The story of dinnerware is as long as the history of porcelain and glass as most tableware is manufactured from these materials.

The first porcelain sets appeared in the 14th century in China. Chinese traditional tableware was made of thin translucent bone porcelain. The secret of the Chinese porcelain had not been revealed until the modern times. The penalty for revealing this technology was death.


Augustus the Strong, the Ruler of Saxony and the King of Poland (1694-1733), was the owner of a huge dinnerware collection. It included many items made of precious materials and decorated with gemstones. Nevertheless, Augustus the Strong understood that metal dinnerware was inconvenient, expensive and very heavy. The King was extremely interested in the Eastern porcelain technology. Thus, he became the original investor in the first porcelain factory in Europe, the Meissen manufacture. The factory was opened in 1710. The king`s heir, Augustus III, developed the entire European culture of serving tables and he created the rules of table etiquette. During his reign dinnerware became affordable not only for nobility and rich merchants, but for the whole upper class, as well.


Europe had no knowledge of such a material, as porcelain until the 18th century, when porcelain dinner sets we are accustomed to first appeared there.

Glass dinnerware first spread to Europe, in the 1730s. However, the glass making technology was considered one of the most difficult for manufacturing. Only the nobility could afford complete glass dinnerware sets. Thus, glass was used only for making drinking vessels. In the late 18th century England, manufacturers actively began to produce punch glass sets. At the same time, the rules for serving certain drinks in glasses were formed. Louis Philippe I, The Duke of Orleans, created the whole code of laws, governing the use of certain glass vessels


How to care for porcelain dinnerware?

Rich beautiful dinnerware sets are considered the signs of an owner`s wealth and prosperity. A dinnerware set usually includes from 19 to 72 pieces and is always the perfect choice for a festive dinner. There are several tips that will help you to clean your dinnerware properly.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to keep your dinner set in an excellent condition for many years. Your efforts will surely be appreciated by your guests, and for a long time will remind your friends about your sophisticated taste.

How to care for glassware?

Glass is a very durable and strong material. It never fades and its surface never cracks. Dinnerware created from this material always looks great and classy. We offer you the following several tips to maintain your dishware in the best possible condition.