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Sugar bowls

A sugar bowl is a teaware item that is used for sugar storage. We also use sugar bowls to serve as decorating elements of the kitchen interior. A sugar bowl is a cup-shaped vessel made of glass, ceramics, porcelain or metal. Sometimes a sugar bowl has a lid with a notch for sugar or sugar tongs. The cover protects the sugar from moisture and dust. A sugar bowl can store granulated sugar, crushed sugar, or candy sugar. The capacity of a sugar bowl usually varies from 9.8 to 23.6`` (25 to 60 cm). The first sugar bowls had a round shape and had a saucer on top, instead of a lid. Sugar bowls were large and resembled oriental items of tableware. The first sugar bowl was used only for utilitarian needs and never performed a decorating role. It was not sold as a part of beautiful tableware as well. The first sugar bowl that resembled the modern one appeared in the XVI century. Drinking a cup of hot flavored tea became a family ritual. The tradition to use expensive tableware has become an irreplaceable attribute of a rich table. Sugar created a flavor for tea and coffee and made their taste more intense. A sugar bowl became a part of the tea drinking tradition, reminding everybody that to create a better image of something you need to just add some sugar to your life... or to your tea.

Types of sugar bowls

There is a great variety of materials from which sugar bowls are made. Each type of material has its strengths.

Luxury Russian brands

St-Petersburg Global Trade House offers a great variety of sugar bowls. Our items are manufactured or hand-crafted by exclusive authentic Russian porcelain producers.

St-Petersburg Global Trade House is an official distributor of several world-famous porcelain brands. Each of them has a long and glorious history and has a number of unique qualities.

Imperial Porcelain

Imperial Porcelain sugar bowl
sugar bowl Imperial Porcelain
sugar bowl Imperial Porcelain

Imperial Porcelain is manufactured and hand-painted by the Imperial Porcelain Factory. The Factory was founded in 1744 in Saint Petersburg by the decree of Empress Elizabeth and became the first porcelain factory in Russia and the third in Europe. The Imperial Porcelain items are exhibited in many world-famous museums, among them: the Hermitage, Moscow Historical Museum, London Victoria and Albert Museum, New York Metropolitan Museum and others. Since 2005, the Factory creates only luxury products and most of them are handcrafted.

Dulevo Porcelain

Dulevo sugar bowl
sugar bowl Dulevo
sugar bowl Dulevo Factory

Dulevo Porcelain Factory creates the famous Dulevo porcelain. In was founded in 1832 by the Russian merchant Terentiy Kuznetzov. Within its first 20 years of existence, the Dulevo plant became one of the best porcelain producers in the Russian market. Many famous painters created handmade designs for the company`s porcelain items.

Gzhel porcelain

Gzhel sugar bowl
sugar bowl gzhel
sugar bowl Gzhel Factory

Gzhel porcelain created a unique style of porcelain painting. All of the Gzhel designs are done in the different shades of blue. The snow-white porcelain is thick and has a very high quality. The Gzhel Porcelain Plant was founded in 1818.

How to Avoid Sugar Clumping

Sugar is very humidity sensitive, so it should always be stored in a sugar bowl with a tightly-sealing lid.