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SKU S-218416

Poseidon Greek God Of The Sea

Product specification details
SKU S-218416
Material cold cast bronze
Size 11.4 x 15.2 x 27.9 см (4.48"х5.98х10.98")
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.

Poseidon is the supreme sea god in ancient Greek mythology , one of the three main Olympian gods along with Zeus and Hades . Son of the titan Kronos and Rhea , brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera , Demeter and Hestia ( Hes. Theog. ). When the world was divided after the victory over the titans , Poseidon got the water element ( Hom. Il. ). Gradually, he pushed aside the ancient local gods of the sea: Nereus , Oceana , Proteusand others.