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Porcelain figurines & ceramic animals

Porcelain is a very special material which, ever since its invention in China two millennia ago, has never seized to captivate people’s minds, hypnotizing with its noble luster and magical feel. This precious, seemingly otherworldly ceramic material looks translucent and soft, while being exceptionally strong and amazingly long-lasting. Made of kaolin, feldspar, and transparent glass, fired at high temperature, a great number of porcelain items have survived for a great many centuries, now gracing the shelves of museums and lavish private collections.

Russian porcelain figurines rank among the very best in the world. Examining them closer, it becomes apparent that they are not simply realistic representations of their subjects, but are actually their symbolic illustrations, modeling, stereotyping, and allegorizing in one – of the Russian self. The perfect union of super high-quality porcelain and tremendous artistic abilities of Russian sculptors produces truly mind-boggling figurines, having the aura of plenitude that only the power of positive artistic thinking can confer. Such is the mythical strength invested in the porcelain objects – all the more mythical because their fragility suggests that the myth can collapse unless the objects are enshrined – that for all their Russianness they seem like universal human and animal types.

No matter which figurine, style, price point, or maker is chosen, from the traditionally folk-styled Gzhel figurines to the true European royalty-worthy Imperial Porcelain figurines, one can be absolutely certain that he or she is getting a world-class item that will bring never-ending feelings of warmth, awe, and pride with its subtle, yet ever-persistent halo of noble beauty and class.

Each figurine we sell is authentic and hand-made in Russia, and bears the mark of its respective maker on the bottom. Beware of imitations, being offered elsewhere!

Animal figurines

A ceramic animal figurine can become a wonderful gift. Our store offers many kinds of porcelain figurines, representing various animals, including: elephants, horses, cats, dogs, and birds. Animal figurines wonderfully complement various home and office interior decors. Porcelain figurines will also serve as pleasing to the eye reminders of specific events.

We offer hand-painted figurines, characterized by unimaginably exquisite structure, lightness, and clarity. The first porcelain figurines from the Imperial Porcelain Factory served as special gifts for those close to the Empress Catherine II (the Great). Currently, porcelain statuettes and figurines from IPM are collected throughout the world and serve as wonderful gifts for every occasion!

Edited by Mikhail Kholodov