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SKU B-79062

The Bridge Player's Bible: Illustrated Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Game

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Product specification details
SKU B-79062
Author Pottage J.
Place of Publication Moscow
Publisher Eksmo
Year of Publication 2009
Number of Pages 256
Cover Hardcover
Language Russian
ISBN 978-5-699-34395-9
Bridge, one of the world's most widely played card games, requires skill, concentration, and practice on the part of its players. This visual guide will help beginners master the rules and principles while also explaining strategies that both beginners and experienced players need to command for successful play. The author presents more than 300 clearly illustrated examples of bid structures, then instructs on how to rank, decode, and defend, from opening bids to endgame strategy. Separate chapters focus on opening bids, responses, rebids, slam bidding, opening leads, general play techniques, both no-trump and suit contracts, defensive leads and returns, and many other topics that are central to a well-played game. The book also features a glossary, an index, and more than 300 color illustrations.