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SKU J-200625

Lyapko Massage Needle Mat

Product specification details
SKU J-200625
Made in Ukraine
Dimensions 11.4" x 22" (29х56 см)
needle distance - 0.24" (6.2 мм)
Additional Information 4538 needles

The size is 560x290 mm, the needle pitch is 6.2 mm, the number of needles is 4538. A distinctive feature is the combination of a large needle surface and a comfortable needle pitch of 6.2 mm, which provides the maximum area of ​​impact on any parts of the body.

Regardless of age and gender, a healthy, youthful appearance is what we all wish for. After just a few sessions on this mat you will begin to feel results.
When treated, the area of stimulation will change in appearance as it fills with blood, changes temperature, sensitivity, creating the perfect environment for treatment & ultimately rejuvenation of the body.
The needle mat is the latest in safe and natural home treatments the equivalent of which you would find in exclusive clinics. With no effort on your part, just by lying on the mat you receive an amazing massage.

  • EASES PAIN of back, neck, feet, strengthens immune system & hormone balance
  • RELIEVES FATIGUE, boosts energy, increases working capacity, enhances vitality & mood
  • EFFICIENCY: The Size and distance between needles provide a quicker, more intense experience
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Get high quality results at home. No need to spend thousands with professionals
  • THE ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES DO NOT HURT! The tops are faceted so that they cannot hurt nor damage the skin in any way

Purchase this as a gift for any occasion. You are giving the gift of health. This is a very popular product and stocks won't last long - Don't miss your chance!

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