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Felt Slippers

Felt is one of the oldest materials, used by humans. Even ancient Sumerians knew and used felt, making it of natural wool. Unlike other wool products, making felt does not involve weaving wool fibers together, but rather by creating friction between them, interlocking their microscopic scales. The resulting material can then be made into a variety of items, from shoes and hats to household products.

Russians have a very long and faithful relationship with felt, this friendship spurred on by the famously cold Russian winters. For centuries, Russians have worn natural wool felt winter boots, called valenki, which are so good at protecting feet from the winter cold that they are still being worn throughout Russia today!

Just like valenki, our wool felt slippers are super warm and comfortable, but they have one additional benefit - they help to keep their wearer healthier! Wearing felt slippers around the house massages soles of the feet and helps to increase blood circulation throughout the whole body. Moreover, lanolin, naturally present in real wool, gets heated to the temperature of the body and melts, getting absorbed through the skin, helping to relieve tension in the feet at the end of the day, as well as having amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties!

In the end, house slippers are about comfort, warmth, and durability and that is exactly what our natural wool felt slippers stand for. Being wonderfully comfortable and healthy for general wear around the house, they are the optimal choice for just about everyone! Try them for yourselves and we are certain, you will never wear any other slippers around your house again!