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Wooden jewelry

For many centuries, wooden products have accompanied humans in their everyday life. There is no more versatile material than wood in the world of crafts. In the ancient times, wood was processed using simple stones or the pieces of stronger wood. Almost everything was made of wood: houses, dishes, furnishings, boats, household utensils and even shoes. Humanity has always depended on the power and the resources of forest.

The Magic of the Woods

A tree has played a unique special role in people`s lives since the very birth of human civilization, the tree has played a unique special role. Many nations considered wood an object of worship. After all, wood was primarily considered as building material, associated with a roof over one`s head, the warmth of a wealthy house, and ageless furniture.

The ancient people believed that a forest has a powerful force; it is a living creature, the heir of Mother Nature. A forest can experience all the humans` feelings as well. That is why it was believed that a forest can be cut only in late autumn and winter, when it sleeps and does not feel so much pain.

Traditionally Mother Nature was asked for permission to cut down trees. The ancient humans created a whole ritual: people brought their best food to the forest, approached the plant, bowed low (as if it was something better and higher than a human), and only after that began to cut the tree down. It was not permitted to cut down every tree. If a tree was too young it was considered a child, it was inviolable. Old trees kept the souls of their ancestors, therefore, they were treated with respect and honor, and they were never cut down, either.

The beauty of the woods transformed into the beauty of crafts

There are no exact historical sources that directly says, who was the first to use wood for making jewelry. The first evidence of the phenomena appeared in the Stone Age, when our distant male and female ancestors decorated themselves with necklaces made from various natural materials, including those carved from wood.

The rebirth of the tradition in the 20th century

In the modern world the famous Coco Chanel made wooden decorations trendy again, as well as other jewelry, manufactured from non-precious materials. The world-famous designer the first trendsetter, who showed women that elegant jewelry, need not be essentially expensive. In the seventies, a new trend in wooden jewelry fashion arose. At that time, there used to exist several semi-political movements and subcultures that preached being close to nature and its gifts, the hippies being the biggest.

Nowadays, wood decorations returned to the high fashion peak again. The benefits of wearing jewelry manufactured from natural materials are obvious: a person experiences pleasant emotions from contact with nature and faces no skin irritations or allergies (as often happens during contacts with synthetic materials).

What to wear? Wood varies.

Wooden jewelry might vary in options, as so many tree species exist and each of them possesses different qualities and represents a particular symbol.

Young girls are encouraged to choose willow jewelry, as this tree will help them in maintaining successful studies, work and personal life. If there are health problems, it is worth buying decorations manufactured from aspen. This tree has strong energy and well removes negative emotions. For those girls who suffer from excessive shyness, it is worthwhile to choose a rowan tree piece; this will help a young lady to gain self-confidence. Alder is believed to be a wonderful magic charm against evil forces. Coniferous trees help cleanse the negative energy and turn the life to the wave of prosperity. Tropical tree options look gorgeous on women of all ages. In the ancient times, sandalwood beads used to be worn by High Priestesses of religious cults, and, nowadays, women choose this type of jewelry to strengthen their confidence. Oak jewels are known for helping people to achieve success, victory and fortitude, and are suitable for both women and men. Birch items are symbols of family well-being. Spruce, pine and fir are believed to increase family well-being and soul purification as they are known to be the best donors of energy.

How to wear wooden jewelry?

It is very important to not just wear the beautiful accessory, but to know, how to make it look best, when combined with other elements of clothing.

A wooden bracelet is a massive, noticeable and unusual accessory, but isthe most popular among the wooden jewelry. To create a harmonious image, you must be able to correctly select accessories and jewelry.

A monosyllabic look will be the best base for wooden decorations. The best example would be a white top, a pastel T-shirt, or a laconic one-tone thin sweater. You can safely choose jewelry of impressive sizes to these clothing. Long wooden beads and a pair of medium wooden bracelets will make your look sophisticated.

A combination of a wooden necklace and earrings or bracelets and rings will create an overloaded, incomprehensible and lifeless image. One of the main rules, when using wood jewelry, is to support balance. Wooden jewelry will look graceful with the regular turtlenecks and modest bodycon dresses. A perfect harmonious look can be created with a high collar top and a multi-layered wooden necklace.

Wooden jewelry will perfectly fit a classic evening look. Large bracelets might emphasize the femininity and tenderness of your hands, and long earrings visually extend the neck.

Wooden jewelry

The best combinations with wooden jewelry are items of ethnic or hippie style. This style can be implemented in the look of long skirts, linen dresses with an ornament or wide boho-style shirts. Here, the main accent of this style is the contrast of fabrics. Wooden jewelry is also a great match to leather, cotton, linen and suede products.

In St.-Petersburg Global Trade House you might find a great variety of different wooden jewelry that will outline your look, make it festive, beautiful and creative.