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Imperial Eggs Necklace | Imperial style Eggs Pendants

Necklaces are among the most popular jewelry of all time. There are several types of necklaces and pendants designed to satisfy every enthusiast. One of the most popular necklaces is inspired by a historical icon. For the past decades, jewelers have been using historical icons and art masterpieces as an inspiration for their jewelry. One of the most popular necklaces inspired after historical icons is the Imperial Egg Necklace.

One of the most popular inspirations for a unique and exquisite necklace pendant is the Imperial Egg. The Imperial Egg is an egg-shaped jewelry crafted out of Russia’s finest metals and gemstones for the Russian Imperial Family. The outer shell of the egg was created from precious metals and stones. Inside, each egg contained a different surprise. Some were designed to hold jewelry while others contained miniature objects. The Imperial Egg Necklace is a popular jewelry for women. It is a unique and fashionable piece designed to mimic the elegance of the original Imperial Egg.

Like the Imperial Egg, the Imperial Necklace is created using special metals. A high grade alloy is used to form the base shape of the egg pendant and the outer layer is created using white enamel. Then, it is decorated using fine jewelry and gemstones (like the widely popular Swarovski crystals). The gemstonesare carefully arranged to create beautiful patterns, like flowers, butterflies, and leaves, on the shell of the pendant. A Imperial Egg Necklace is an exquisite and fashionable jewelry that not only reflects the rich culture and history of Russia, but also the great artistry of the House of Imperial Egg. This elegant and timeless pendant is perfect for every woman and for every occasion , party or social gathering. It is also the best gift for friends and relatives.