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Cutting boards, Trays

Cutting boards and trays are the essential accents at your dining table, creating the details of the unique atmosphere and the festive spirit. Most people are used to boards and trays as being just boring necessities to prepare and store food. However, nowadays, many cookware and kitchen utensils are considered to be real pieces of art by both manufacturers and consumers. The unique designer decisions can create both modern and laconic, abstract styles and traditional national-oriented classic forms and ornaments. The perfect cutting boards and trays should combine high-quality materials, the trendy styles and the ability to satisfy practical kitchen needs.

We offer our soul to you

In St-Petersburg Global Trade House we treat kitchen decor as unique masterpieces of art, thus, we created several theme categories that are intended to satisfy the tastes of various customers. Among them: classic wooden wild-nature inspired cutting boards, boards with traditional Gzel designs, as well as boards with Russian lacquer miniature painting.

Cutting board
Cutting board
Cutting board

Cutting boards repeating Matryoshka shape are among of our bestsellers, and colorful, depicting real National Russian Holiday of Maslenitsa, showcasing famous Kustodiev`s design, will help you to dive in the world of the mysterious Russian spirit. For those clients who love the atmosphere of the Russian luxury of the Tsar epoch, we prepared a true surprise: the legendary Gzhel porcelain. Both of our precious truly loved items are depicting the dark-blue images of joyful people and animals, and the classic dark blue Gzhel ornament design circles the pictures with a rich embroidery frame.

Why wood?

None of our exhibits are plastic, because the wonderful warmth and beauty of wood can never be overstated.

Wood is not only elegant, natural, environmentally friendly material, it is also best for the practical purposes as it is very durable and very strong. Wood also helps you to safeguard your knives from damages. As you cut on a wooden cutting board, the wood fibers break and leave a mark. And this helps to prevent the fine edges of your knives from rolling over and turning dull.

Wooden Cutting board

Healthy way on keeping kitchen beautiful

Wood is great as cutting board material because it is naturally resistant to bacteria. An interesting study was conducted at the University of Wisconsin, as they tested Salmonella bacteria, known for spreading the food poisoning. The bacteria were placed on cutting boards made from various species of trees and four types of plastic. As a result, scientists found that three minutes after contaminating a board that 99.9% of the Salmonella on wooden boards had died, while, none of the bacteria on a plastic surface experienced any discomfort.

The study revealed that people using wooden cutting boards in their home kitchens are twice less likely to contract bacterial-caused illnesses, than those who use glass of plastic cutting boards.

Preserving your cutting board

Wooden board seems to be all about the competing for being classy and practical, however, you have to know, that wood often requires some additional patience and extra treatment.

Consider these six tips for making your board eternal (or, almost, at least we tried):
  • Never place your wooden cutting board in a dishwasher. The numerous, long exposure to hear and water can cause your board to crack or, split.
  • You should was your board with warm water, using a soft sponge and with a small amount of dish soap and ensure that all of the food particles are washed away.
  • The board has to be washed immediately as soon as you put a colorful stain on it, as the stain will become more difficult to remove the longer it stays on the surface.
  • Never soak your wooden board in water. The prolonged exposure can seriously damage the wooden board surface.
  • The board has to be dried evenly after any exposure to the water.
  • An unpleasant smell can appear on the wooden surfaces when you use them frequently, because the small food particles will always remain in surface cuts. Usually, washing the item in vinegar will remove the odors. If it doesn`t help, you can dip the entire board in white vinegar for one minute. After that you can wash the board and air dry it.

What about luxury porcelain?

Food preservation trays look truly gorgeous when made of luxury porcelain (for example, our exclusive Gzhel trays). However, not many people know that you have to remember several key rules to maintain the china clean and snow-white. There are three small tips that will make your porcelain always look as new, with no cracks or dark spots .

  • Always avoid drastic changes in temperature when pouring, as the material may lose its firmness and its unique authentic gloss.
  • You should take extra care cleaning the enamel-designed or metal-trimmed porcelain items, using a gentle dry cloth on them.
  • Always avoid leach or abrasive cleaners when cleaning porcelain, as it. Porcelain is an extremely gentle and noble material, and it should be treated as a piece of art.

Wooden Cutting boards