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History of the Mug

In the ancient times, mugs used to have lids. The lid protected the drink from garbage or insects falling inside. Beer mug manufacturers still use this idea. Today, the lid is connected to the cup for the convenience purposes.

The mug name is borrowed from the Polish language and originally it meant jug. The first mugs were similar to small jugs.

Since the 15th century, the mugs have constantly evolved, their forms, the material, from which they were produced and their volume changed. The first ancient mugs were made from clay and burned like any type of ceramics tableware. Wooden or birch-bark utensils, tableware and mugs were widely used in Medieval Russia. Later mugs were also manufactured from hard glass and bone china. Those materials were revolutionary in the world of tableware manufacturing, because they made the mugs more durable and impact-resistant.

Dive in the Mug Ocean

There exists a great variety of beautiful, functional and creative mugs, without a doubt will decorate your table and boost your spirits. Consider the world`s most popular types of mugs.

Where you can find most of the interesting mug types?

In St-Petersburg Global Trade House you can find many interesting mug options. We offer a wide range of mugs with various prints. Some mugs are sold as a set. For example, a mug set Like mother, like daughter consists of two cups that look absolutely the same, except the size and the note on the outer surface. Big dude, little dude mug 2-piece set will be a perfect present for father and son. We also have a great variety of birthday cups, beer mugs, children`s cups with various cartoon heroes depictions. We also have mugs with pictures of modern politicians.


How to care for mugs with prints

A mug with photo print is one of the most popular gifts. The picture on the ceramic surface may vary. It can be your favorite landscape, your own name, funny joke, portrait of a famous person or even your horoscope. Manufacturers also create different designs with animals, national and subculture symbols. Their fantasy is endless! Will the print of my mug last forever?

Experts claim that the image will not be erased, even if rubbed with acetone. The mug will last for many years, since it is made of hardened heat-resistant ceramics, and the image is not an ordinary sticker, but a special patented technology. In the process of applying the image a special dye sublimates into the polymer layer, which is applied to the outer side of the mug. The process takes place under pressure at a temperature of about 200 ° C. When cooling down, the dye molecules are securely fixed in the polymer layer.

If you want your photo printing on the mugs to be durable, you have to follow several simple rules.