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The Benefits of Glass versus Plastic

Food for thought – before the invention of plastic , food and beverages were primary stored in glass containers! Storing your food properly is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from harmful ingredients often found in plastic.To help reduce the risk of bacteria, refrigerate your food or freeze leftovers as quickly as possible.Food storage containers are designed to preserve food, help organize your kitchen and make your life a little easier. Glass food containers keep food clean, fresh and nutritious for longer periods of time. Glass containers can be used to preserve everything from meats to dairy, grains and cereals, dried fruits and even milkshakes!

Chemicals from plastic have been studied and linked to many diseases and chemical imbalances, as opposed to glass containers, which will never leak unwanted chemicals into your food during microwaving and general use. There are, many health concerns of plastic, but there are also a great number of environmental concerns as well. Plastic trash is the most obvious form of pollution, where the plastic releases toxins and chemicals into the air upon making its way to the landfills. Plastic also ends up in our seas, thus aiding in the circle of pollution and consumption.

Plastic containers can get damaged inside microwaves, consequently upon coming into contact with your food, the plastic releases its toxins. Glass food storage containers perform very well at high temperatures. In Soviet Russia, Russian tea glass was used abundantly, especially becoming popular on trains, where people would drink a lot of tea. Glass containers are non –porous, non-toxic and will surely last for ages!

Storing food in clear glass containers, gives you a great advantage when it comes to organizing your food and your fridge. There is no need to remove a lid to see what is stored inside, thus less oxygen comes into contact with your food, keeping it fresh for a longer time.

Glass food containers also do not smell! Have you ever left a plastic water bottle out in the sun for a while, only to find it hot and smelly? That’s because plastic absorbs everything it comes into contact with, once again releasing its noxious odors and chemicals into your food.

Make the switch to glass food storage today for healthier tomorrow!