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“Only one day bloom the flowers,
Two weeks passed - and they are gone.
Ripening takes many hours
And soon after – time has come…” – this is how the Russian poet Gennady Dergachev described the flax in the fields in one of his poems.

The factory developed quickly early on – partially due to the fact that there were many flax fields on the territory of Belarus.

As of today, the Orshansky Linen Factory consists of 5 united factories: a factory that produces textile from short flax fiber, 2 factories that produce yarn and greige from long flax fiber, as well as finishing and sewing factories.

For your consideration, we offer a wide range of bed linen, kitchen textiles, throws, table runners, and tablecloth options from the famous producer! Many items from the section of kitchen textile are decorated with embroidered designs using folk motifs and prints.