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Of course, most of our games have the Russian soul. We proudly offer you a selection of unique chess sets. Play hard, just as the famous Russian grand masters Karpov and Kasparov, and feel the thrill of competition. We offer a selection of unique and designer chess sets decorated in Gzhel, Khokhloma, or other classic designs.

If you prefer the Backgammon board game, which is also widespread in Russia, we can offer you our handcrafted wooden Backgammon, eco-leather print Backgammon, and many other designs. The Backgammon is one of the oldest board games that combines elements of sports, science, and art.

Another Russian game, you are going to fall in love with, is Russian Bingo. It is designed to entertain a large crowd of friends with a dynamic game play. Russian Bingo is a popular gambling game; however, it is not necessary to play for money. Some players prefer buttons, decorative stones or dibs, instead.

Russian card games will become another of your favorite party games. Durak (or Fool) is a traditional Russian card game, which is popular in many post-Soviet states. The game is played with two to six people, using a deck of 36 cards. The best strategy in this game is to attack first, and the player defending will always have a considerable disadvantage. Another famous Russian card game is “Preferans” played by three or four players with a 32-card Piquet deck.