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Diamond embroidery is undoubtedly one of the most beloved types of embroidery that is done by the modern needlewoman. For that, there are many reasons.

Diamond embroidery – a very exciting activity not only for you, but also for the entire family. The sets include everything you possibly need for creating a picture such as the materials and the margins that will be needed, which means all you need to do is get together with your loved ones and get started right away on creating a masterpiece together.

You can engage in diamond embroidery with your child. This activity really entertains kids, and will be very helpful in the development of fine motor skills, thinking, creative skills, discipline and the imagination. Diamond embroidery also develops accuracy, perseverance, hard work and a remarkable concentration of attention. While working together, you can engage in interesting conversations with your loved ones.

Each and every one of your paintings can be framed and gifted. Do not worry that your picture will not come out as expected. After all, manufacturers of creative kits such as these include very detailed instructions and often give practical advice about how to best fasten the rhinestones. And remember! The best gift to give is the one that you made by yourself.

Also, each of the paintings made that use the technique of diamond embroidery is durable, because rhinestones, unlike paint, does not lose its color over time and will not fade.