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Thread Embroidery

A Symbol and a Charm embroidery

A Symbol and a Charm

We have to visualize the things we want to attract in our lives. Many religions, esoteric movements and psychological doctrines claim that we need to create the perfect image of something before we can get it. Embroiderers also have their superstitious beliefs. They think that if you create embroidery of a certain kind your dream may come true! If you embroider a house image you will soon be able to buy a home of your own! If you choose a picture of three angelic children you will soon become pregnant. If you have still did not meet the perfect man, you have to a embroider peony. A crane is the symbol of health and an image of a ship attracts success. A horseshoe helps to become lucky and a running horse symbolizes health, power and long life. If a woman is unhappy in her private life she has to embroider a butterfly or quince.

Interestingly, a design does not have to be embroidered to work as a charm, or an amulet. It can be applied in any of the existing ways of decorating a fabric. In the Slavic culture it is very important to embroider sleeves, collars and bottom of a shirt, because these places are considered the most energy saving. The most common motif in folk embroidery is the diamond symbol. A diamond with hooks in embroidery is considered to be the symbol of fertility, associated with the idea of Mother Earth. Another very popular ornament is the rosette that consists of 8 blade petals, connected in the center. The rosette is the symbol of fertility and a woman`s beauty. Cross, painting, cutouts, white stitching and cross-stitching are considered the most common styles of Slavic embroidery. The contrast between the background and the color of the thread is another bright accent in the Slavic embroidery. White threads are often sewn in a snow-white cotton or linen shirt and they create a very neat and pure look.

perfect tool for the perfect picture

The perfect tool for the perfect picture

You need to have a whole set of proper tools to make your embroidery look perfect. As we know, the success of any project hinges on a framework. You will need the perfect set of tools for that. First of all, your needle has to be convenient and sharp enough. A needle eye should be large enough for the thread to pass easily through it. A needle needs to have a sharp pointed tip and it needs to be suitable for embroidery with woolen threads. If a needle is dull or thick, you will have to use thicker threads. Another type of needle is a carpet needle. A carpet needle usually has a blunt tip and it is only suitable for canvas embroidery. Carpet needles would never pierce a piece of fabric.

A thread is another essential material for creating the perfect embroidery. A twisted cotton thread is a combination of six thin threads. They can be easily separated. A twisted cotton thread is suitable for most types of embroidery. A twisted silk thread usually consists of six thin silk threads and they are also easily separated. Silk thread embroidery is extremely glossy. The final picture shines and looks alive! An iris or pearl cotton is a twisted shiny thread that is suitable for many types of embroidery. A soft cotton thread creates a matte, and defined image. A thin wool thread creates very delicate embroidery designs. Knitting yarn is perfect for embroidery on fabric and canvas. Some types of knitting yarn are suitable for embroidering large items. Carpet wool is the thickest type of heavy wool yarn, which is only used for embroidery on the canvas or for making carpets.

Scissors are extremely important for making finishing touches to complete your embroidery. You will need two pairs of scissors. You will need to have a pair of large and a pair of small scissors, with rounded ends, for cutting threads. The blades of small scissors should be no longer than six centimeters. You should use large scissors for cutting threads or canvas at the moment you start to work. You need small scissors to seal the ends of your threads, when you finish your embroidery.

You will also need a tape measure to measure and markup your fabric. A beginner embroiderer can easily miscalculate a few millimeters of canvas. A tape measure will help you to become more accurate. Sometimes, the beginner embroiderers use embroidery hoops because it is extremely important to avoid wrinkles and deformation of the fabric. The size of the hoop has to be adjusted for the embroidery on different fabrics. These hoops can be made of plastic or wood.

Where to buy?

St-Petersburg Global Trade House offers you many options. You will enjoy embroidering with us. We have a great number of sets of different embroideries. Many of them are dedicated to pastoral motifs; others contain pictures of beautiful cityscapes. For the most advanced embroiderers we offer a set that contains a combination of two embroidery styles. Bead embroidery creates an extra volume on the surface of the tread. The beaded parts of the embroidery look like glossy, shiny accents of the image. Remember! Embroidery is not only a hobby, but also a way to decorate your house in a very special, sophisticated way!