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Dulevo Porcelain

Dulevo porcelain factory was established in 1832 by the merchant Terenti Kuznetsov. The porcelain was known by its noble simplicity – ideally white and smooth products decorated with gilding. Over the years, porcelain products became more picturesque and bright, with a folk art accent. Thus, the unique Dulevo style "agashka" flowers developed.

Famous sculptors and painters worked in the factory – their creations decorate museums and art galleries in the country. Porcelain products from the Dulevo Factory got numerous prizes and awards. In 1958, a porcelain figurine named “Falcon” by G. Sotnikov got the Grand Prix during the Brussels World's Fair. The Falcon has also become, and still is, the symbol of the Dulevo Porcelain Factory.

Some people say the secret of Dulevo porcelain’s amazing beauty is in the soul that every artist puts into everything he/she makes.  Others say that the village of Likino-Dulevo itself is a magical place that makes everything in and around it better and more beautiful.  We think, both views are correct as the porcelain that comes out of this village is among the very best in the world!

Now, Dulyovo porcelain porcelain is famous all over the world, being exported to many European countries, as well as to the United States and Canada.  It has become a must-have for a great many politicians and businessmen, as well as elite restaurants.  This is especially true when great quality, elegance, and durability are preferred, over sky-high prices and pomposity.  This is why for almost two hundred years, Dulevo porcelain has been the source of special pride and admiration with everyone, who has ever come in contact with this wonderful tableware!  Its long and successful history and reputation are legendary.  Now you have a chance to own one of these astonishing masterpieces!

Use & Care

All of the Dulevo Porcelain is made from clay and fired for durability. Except for pieces with special details, everything is dishwasher safe. Dulevo Porcelain pieces are strong yet delicate, most are microwave* and dishwasher safe, which makes them ideal for everyday use.
*Unless product has metallic details - always check individual item for specific care instructions.