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We all know that toys are very important for the child’s overall development. Every parent, at certain point, faces an issue – what kind of toy will the baby like the most and how one can find toys that are made out of high-quality materials and are not harmful to the child. We offer a large variety of developmental and educational toys for babies and toddlers.

Once the baby is born, during the first 6 months, the baby sleeps a lot. Even though, parents should not forget about developmental toys – you can teach the baby to concentrate on an object. The toys can be of simple shapes and even monochromatic, however, they should trigger and develop the baby’s hearing, sight, as well as tactile senses.

A month later, when the baby is already capable of focusing on an object, you can switch to educational toys of basic geometric shapes, such as stacking toys and cube sets.

Once your baby is at least 3 months old – it would be beneficial to purchase musical toys: spinning carousel-toys, rattles, roly poly dolls.  These simple items will successfully develop your child’s hearing and improve visual perception. Keep in mind that the sounds produced by the toys should be pleasant and not sharp.

Your baby has grown and acquired new skills – now he or she knows how to hold, throw, move, squeeze and press things etc. – that’s a sure sign that the time for entertaining games and interactive toys has come – keep your little one occupied with busy-boards, pull-along wooden toys, and sorter-toys.

Once the child turns 1 year old, he starts copying whatever the grown-ups are doing. At the time, you should keep the child active and implement visual demonstration into the games – for example, cubes, nesting dolls, wooden shape-sorter toys and building blocks of various shapes and sizes, can prove very useful in the process. Your child can learn how to assemble whole images from different pieces. And, for the purpose of training fine motor skills we offer stacker-trolley toys and puzzles.  

From 2 years old and on, the child is actively learning how to speak. Communication with the parents will be one of the most fundamental moments in the course of this process – be it role play games or simple conversations about the world around us… You can play with your child using the cubes with numbers and Alphabet letters on them, as well as building blocks decorated with images of various animals and favorite cartoon characters.  It is high time for the child to find out what a wide variety of animals exists in the world and what those animals are called! The more colorful your child’s toys are, the more excited it is going to be for him or her to learn and explore in the course of a game!

 We present a huge selection of toys for infants, babies and toddlers. You will most certainly find something here that is to your liking!