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Fiksiki is one of the most popular TV Russian series for kids. Since this show started at 2010 it became one of the leading TV shows for many Russian children. The creative idea of making small mythological creatures, living as should of various human devices and appliances, first appeared in a fiction story Garanty Humans written by the science writer Edward Uspensky. In the original story that became bestselling in Soviet Russia since 1975, every piece of manufactured goods in the enterprises is supervised by a small magic creature, which looks and behaves like a human — a small high-qualified mechanic professional. The creatures have given names derived from the appliance name they belong to.

The cartoon story varies from the original because the authors of the project believed that the story has to be adapted to the present. The names of these „technical dwarves“ were derived from the English words „fix“ and „pixie“ (a variation of elves from British fairy-tales), which is supposed to connect two worlds of modern technology and the legends of ancient times. In the show these magic creatures live as insiders of the humans’ everyday routine, inside the variety of human tools and utilities.


Why loved by children that much?

Fiksiki became a movie sincerely loved by critics and adults as well because it raises a lot of important and ethical topics. The Fiksiki creatures are united as one family, where the younger members learn a lot from the elder ones and get new experience, from them in respectful and obedient way. The movie also guides children to make friends, even with someone who looks absolutely different than you. The main human character of the movie, the intelligent and kind boy Dima, easily becomes involved in interesting adventures and gains a lot of new knowledge about a mysterious world around him with Fiksiki kids — Simka and Null. The show also plays a great educating role, because every new episode makes a small guide through the world of science for young spectators. The younger Fiksiki`s parents Papus and Masya explain to both of their children and human kid the nature of various technical devices. Together with the main heroes, your children will learn what a flash card is and how it is used, how the TV remote control works, and what the technological principles of the fridge are. The Fiksiki parents also tell how to treat the devices and appliances in a caring and safe way.


As the new show seasons appeared, the new characters began to take part in the episodes. The genius professor becomes the leading hero, telling even more interesting stories about the world of modern science in an educational and patient way. As the first show`s spectators generation grew up and now are attending middle school, the producers of the show decided to add the new storyline to the plot. Now our old Fiksiki friends Simka and Null have their school routine and share it with several new friends, who are Fiksiki as well. The new format of the show allows the heroes to grow up together with the viewers and get more advanced knowledge from the school program.

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