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The story of Soyuzmultfilm begins in 1934, which is considered the hardest historical period of the Soviet Union. Stalin`s state apparatus created influential ideological background for almost every sphere of social and cultural life of the country. The movie directors, scriptwriters and illustrators had to think twice before picking a topic for implementation of their creative ideas. Every new project was a walk on a razor`s edge. Each idea that was not supporting the Socialist ideals or doubting the Bolshevik revolution success meant the end of career and freedom.

In early 1934 Union of animators of USSR headed by V.F. Smirnova founded the Experimental Animation Studio. During 1934 – 1936 this small studio was merged with other organizations, Mezhrabpomfilm, Moscow Studio and Sovkino. On August 20, 1937, the film studio was renamed to Soyuzmultfilm. This legal name remains until this day. The order to create a motion picture studio of animated films was signed by the head of the USSR Directorate General of Film and Fuel Industry, and it is believed that the decision to create the studio came personally from Joseph Stalin. The studio assembled the state-famous animation talents such of: Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Olga Khodataeva, Valentina and Zinaida Brumberg, Vladimir Suteev, Dmitry Babichenko, Leonid Amalrik and others.

During the first several years studio created short films for children. The plots were based on animal characters that were depicted in the Walt Disney manner.

Since 1937 color cartoons became the leading product of the studio. The cartoons got more professional and advanced animation. In 1939–1941 the animators created golden collection of the studio. Among those cartoon masterpieces were: Limpopo, Barmaley, Moidodyr, Uncle Styopa and Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly.

The studio became a place where the dreams of common Soviet people came true. This was the reason why the studio launched a 4-months animation education course.


Mission: to survive after World War II

The war time dictated its rules. All the film studios had to unite for production of animated poster agitation. There was no time for art. Soyuzmultfilm had to do the impossible thing – inspire men and women of all ages to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their Homeland`s victory. Later the studio was partially evacuated to Samarkand (Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic).

The needs of the past war time increased the ideological terror. It was a crime to use the Disney cartoon style. A new era of authentic Soviet cartoon emerged. In 1947 the Song of Joy cartoon was awarded For the Best Animated Film bronze medal at the VIII Venice Film Festival. In the 1970s, Soyuzmultfilm became the largest animation studio in Europe. In the 1980s, the studio won a total of 150 prizes and got recognition certificates from international and domestic festivals.

Meet the legend

St-Petersburg Global Trade House offers you a great opportunity to meet the favorite heroes of your childhood. You will find a large variety of toys, games, puzzles and children`s dinnerware that depict the characters from the cartoons. Many generations are bringing up their children watching the Soyuzmultfilm cartoons, and this creates a wonderful family tradition.