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Aurora World Inc

Aurora World Inc. originated in 1981 and since then has expanded to become one of the most well-known toy companies in the world who creates life-like stuffed animals. The award-winning company has stores spread all around the world, many zoos sell Aurora toys as souvenirs – from baby toys to plush animals of all possible sizes. Aurora’s stuffed toys are designed for safety and durability, made out of high quality, kid safe and nontoxic materials, not to mention that their prices are the best of the best. Aurora World has come up with different series of stuffed toys – Baby toys, Teddy Bears, Safari animals, Flopsies (which features a floppy, bean-weighted body) and mini Flopsies, Sweet and Softer and others.

Sweet and cuddly, the stuffed Aurora World toys are a dream come true!

All parents know how important it is to teach your child to love and care for animals, be it domestic animals or wild animals. Children go to the zoo and want to “take a cute monkey home”… Here is where Aurora World comes in - the softest toy you’ll ever find! Let your child go to bed with the favorite animal, tell a story about its adventures and let your little one sleep, dream and imagine!

Explore our collection of turtles, frogs, bunnies, cats and bears, hedgehogs, foxes and squirrels.