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SKU B-30485

A Spare Instinct

Product specification details
SKU B-30485
Author Ustinova T.
Place of Publication Moscow
Publisher Eksmo
Year of Publication 2021
Number of Pages 320
Cover Paperback
Format Small
Language Russian
ISBN 978-5-04-121253-7
Series Русский бестселлер
Dimensions 107х165 mm
Arseny Troepolsky cares about just one thing in his life: work. Work is his nourishment, his love, and his hobby. The computer design company he heads is flourishing -- until tragedy strikes: his deputy, the genius designer Fyodor Grekov, is murdered. Worst of all, Arseny is the first to find his body, and spends three days in jail as the prime suspect. When he returns to the office, he tries to understand why anyone would kill Fyodor, but soon realizes that everyone around him his lying: his staff, lover, sister, and Fyodor's niece. But his brain, working like a computer, is trying to unscramble it all. Finally, the mountain of lies collapses -- and buries them all under it. In Russian.