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SKU G-199767

Ortodon Baby Pastel Modular Sensory Mat (8 mats: 9.8x9.8")

$59.99 $48.00
Product specification details
SKU G-199767
Made by N/A
Recommended age Ages 3 & Up
Material PVC
Dimensions 1 section: 9.8 x 9.8" (25 х 25 cm)
Set Contains 8 mats: 2 "Stones" soft, 2 "Grass" soft, 2 "Spikes" soft, 2 "Cones" soft

Sensory massage mats are a great activity for the whole family - from kids to their grandparents!

Walk barefoot on the sensory surfec or wear socks if you are sensitive. These massage mats get your blood circulation flowing after a long day at work and they stimulate all the little nerve endings that we have in our feet! Use the massage mats at any time of day or evening - give your feet a little stimulation! 

These mats are easy to store! For best results specialists recommend combining various surfaces to create your own massage surface, comfortable for you!
The surfaces of the set immitate naturally uneven surfaces. Walking on these mats helps to form a stable musculoskeletal system and good balancing skills.

  • 8 mats:
  1. 2 "Stones" soft,
  2. 2 "Grass" soft,
  3. 2 "Spikes" soft,
  4. 2 "Cones" soft

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