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SKU J-225940

Bernadotte Bohemian Porcelain Fruit Bowl (color: white)

$39.99 $32.00

Bernadotte Bohemian Porcelain Fruit Bowl (color: white)

$39.99 $32.00
Product specification details
SKU J-225940
Made in Czech Republic
Material porcelain
Dimensions Height: 5.12" (13 cm); Length: 7.28" (18.5 cm); Width: 10.43" (26.5 cm)
Capacity 30.4 fl oz (900 ml)
Additional Information Form: Bernadotte
Care & Use Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe

The porcelain fruit vase is a wonderful way to serve fruit and candies beautifully and show guests your sophisticated taste. This stylish and high-quality fruit bowl is ideal for family gatherings!

The unique white porcelain dinnerware is a true work of art that captures attention. It mesmerizes with its distinctive raised patterns, adding sophistication and luxury to the porcelain. These patterns stand out on the white porcelain, creating a sense of depth and texture that makes you want to gaze at it endlessly.

The white porcelain color imparts purity and freshness, making it easy to combine with other tableware and decor. It is a versatile and stylish choice for various events, from family dinners and friendly gatherings to formal receptions and holiday festivities.

STPGoods is an official distributor of Thun 1794 a.s. - the largest and oldest Czech top-quality porcelain manufacturer. It produces a specific type of so-called hard porcelain with a firing temperature of 1405°C.
The seat of the company is the town of Nová Role near Karlovy Vary, which is called the town of porcelain.

- All Thun 1794 a.s. porcelain goes through ISO Quality Management certification for quality assurance.
- Czech porcelain is extremely lightweight but sturdy and durable;
- Fade-resistant and food safe due to under-glazed painting.