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SKU J-225933

Bernadotte Bohemian Porcelain High Creamer (color: white)

$19.99 $16.00

Bernadotte Bohemian Porcelain High Creamer (color: white)

$19.99 $16.00
Product specification details
SKU J-225933
Made in Czech Republic
Made by STPGoods
Material porcelain
Capacity 1.05-qt (1 L)
Additional Information Form: Bernadotte
Care & Use Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe

Creamers are specifically designed for serving cream or milk. They are typically used to provide individual servings of cream or milk to be added to hot beverages. Our beautiful porcelain creamer is a must-have addition to your coffee or tea service!

The unique white porcelain dinnerware is a true work of art that captures attention. It mesmerizes with its distinctive raised patterns, adding sophistication and luxury to the porcelain. These patterns stand out on the white porcelain, creating a sense of depth and texture that makes you want to gaze at it endlessly.

The white porcelain color imparts purity and freshness, making it easy to combine with other tableware and decor. It is a versatile and stylish choice for various events, from family dinners and friendly gatherings to formal receptions and holiday festivities.

The products made of porcelain stands out due to the following:

High Quality – Made of high-quality porcelain. 

Practical Qualities – The material is extra-strong to prevent scratches. The elegant lightness of porcelain products makes them not only beautiful but also perfectly strong for daily use.