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SKU G-181824

Blank Nesting Dolls Coloring Toy Craft Set (3 pc.)

Product specification details
SKU G-181824
Made by N/A
Recommended age Ages 4 & Up
Material wood
Set Contains Wooden nesting doll - three in one (large 9 cm)
1 brush and 3 acrylic paints (red, yellow, blue)
1 double-sided cotton tip
Packaging gift box

Nesting Doll (Matryoshka) is a classic Russian souvenir.
This set "Blank Nesting Dolls Coloring Toy" provides an opportunity to decorate the dolls yourself, decorating the toy with traditional patterns or inventing your own design.
The painting will help your child master the skills of drawing and decorating, improve fine motor skills of the hands, and also contribute to the development of perseverance and attention to detail.

  • The best fun educational toy your baby can have while learning and growing. The toy will keep your child happy through his or her early development stages!
  • The product is made from safe, strong and non-toxic wood. Perfect for your little ones to play with
  • It can help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as cognitive and co-ordination skills as they interact and play with it. Every day is going to be a new adventure for your toddler! It will provide with so much emotions and fun, mom and baby will not be disappointed
  • The nestling dolls have a sturdy design that will last your child for plenty of time. Suitable for boys and girls
  • The toy for kids is ideal for distracting your toddler while you cook dinner
  • Awesome gift for kids, toddlers, boys, and girls. It will be a big hit for your little ones! It is a perfect gift for Birthdays, Children's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving & New Year

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