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SKU S-43499

Bouquet Beige Background Rectangle/Oval Zhostovo Tray

Product specification details
SKU S-43499
Made by Handmade
Material lacquer, metal, oil paints
Dimensions 18 x 14.4'' (45 x 36 cm)
Picture / color hand-painted
Additional Information All trays are one-of-a-kind and the drawings cannot be precisely replicated.
The Zhostovo trade arose at the beginning of the 19th century, when in a series of villages near Moscow and villages from the former Troitsky district (nowadays, the Mitishchensky neighborhood of the Moscow region) - Ostashkov, Khlebnikov, Troitsky and others – a craft appeared that consisted of painted lacquer goods made from papier-mache. During the second half of the 19th century, papier-mache was replaced by iron. The most common design was the bouquet, laid in the center of a tray and framed on the sides by tiny goldish patterns. Today, Zhostovo craftsmen are still known for their individual style of painting and the extraordinary composition of the flowers they create. Every tray is hand-painted from the eye and the heart, without the use of stencils or guide lines, and signed by the artist to signify that it is an original work of art. Although the artistic composition of trays may be similar, the artist intentionally paints a new, unique masterpiece each time.