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SKU Y-208350

Natural Lapis Lazuli and Striped Agate Orange Stone Bracelet with Faberge Style Elephant Charm

$29.99 $16.00
Product specification details
SKU Y-208350
Jewelry Type Bracelets
Made in USA
Fill / Material Natural Lapis Lazuli and Agate Stones, enamel, jewelry alloy, Austrian Crystals, elastic rubber
Dimensions 7'' (18 cm)
Additional Information Bead Diameter: 0.31" (8 mm)
Collection Orlov Collection

The name "lapis lazuli" appeared in the early Middle Ages, referring to it as "azure stone". The word "azure" comes from the Persian "lazhward" — blue stone.
You can complement this handmade bracelet with a pendant or earrings in the section of the website: Gifts /Imperial Eggs /Imperial Egg Style Jewelry.

  • MAGICAL PROPERTIES. Lapis lazuli has special magical properties. The rich blue hue of the stone helps people achieve success in any endeavor. Many people consider this stone a symbol of good luck and success. Amulets and talismans with this mineral have a beneficial effect on the energy reserve of a person.

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