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SKU B-62752

Bruderschaft with Death, Books 3-4: The Flying Elephant & Children of the Moon

Product specification details
SKU B-62752
Author Akunin B.
Place of Publication Moscow
Publisher AST
Year of Publication 2021
Number of Pages 384
Cover Paperback
Format Small
Language Russian
ISBN 978-5-17-091643-6
Series Роман-кино
Dimensions 125х165 мм
"Bruderschaft with Death" is a so-called "cinematic novel," written as a collection of ten novellas ("films") about the rivalry between Russian and German intelligence during World War I. Each "film" is written in a different cinematic genre. There are two main characters in the series: Alexei Romanov and Sepp von Theofels. This book contains “The Flying Elephant" and "Children of the Moon," two different stories that both take place in 1915. In Russian.