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SKU G-194493

Chameleon Memory Board Game

$9.99 $6.00
Product specification details
SKU G-194493
Made in Ukraine
Recommended age Ages 5 & Up
Material cardboard
Dimensions packaging - 7.1 x 5.1 x 1.8'' (18 x 13 x 4.5 cm)
Set Contains 8 big and 32 small cards

To make it easier for a child to learn about the world around him, he should have a good memory. It can be strengthened using the board game "Chameleon".
It contains pictures of the most beautiful lizards on the planet - chameleons. The fabulously beautiful lizards are the main characters of the game.
The set includes 32 cards and 8 playing fields with six chameleons on it. All of them have their own color and special patterns on the body.
A child chooses one of the playing fields and tries to remember all the chameleons that are depicted on it. After that, the field is turned over with illustrations down. The kid needs to find among all 32 cards those that depict exactly those chameleons that are drawn on his playing field. This work is not easy, it will take time and effort.
When the task is completed, the child needs to turn the playing field over and put the selected cards on the corresponding images. If all the pictures are closed, then the kid wins. If not, he can train his memory over and over again.

  • Develops critical skills – this game helps preschoolers practice their focus, memory, and matching skills. In the process the child will develop color perception, memory, he will learn to be assiduous and attentive.
  • Clear instructions – easy to learn with a clear instruction manual. Learn to play in less than five minutes
  • Memo-game is a perfect toddler games for little hands to manipulate. Educational Memory Game is a great matching games for boys and girls. Cards are durable thick
  • Great for kids and families – matching not only offers great solo play opportunities for your child, but is also a great game for adults to join in on the fun. It is a fantastic gift for Christmas or Birthday!