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SKU S-160115

Dog and Child Figurine. Blue&White Porcelain. Gzhel. Symbol of 2018

$32.99 $26.00
Product specification details
SKU S-160115
Made by Gzhel Plant of Art Painting
Material porcelain
Length 3.9'' (10 cm)
Width 2'' (5 cm)
Height 4.5'' (11.5 cm)
Picture / color Hand-painted
Additional Information Author's work. Each item is unique - no two are exactly the same
Give your home a cheer with this Porcelain figurine. Crafted from white porcelain, this unusual figurine was made entirely by hand. A little kid holds the paw of his loyal canine companion. Tasteful hand-painting, expressive features, and classical gzhel palette turn the figurine into a perfect gift that is sure to please any animal lover and a porcelain collector. And in the new year of the yellow dog, it will bring good luck to its owner.