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SKU J-160110

Dragon Zodiac Figurine. Blue&White Porcelain. Gzhel

$27.99 $22.00
Product specification details
SKU J-160110
Material porcelain
Length 3.9'' (9.8 cm)
Width 2.2'' (5.7 cm)
Height 3.5'' (8.8 cm)
Picture / color Hand-painted
Additional Information Author's work. Each item is unique - no two are exactly the same
The most divine of all the zodiac signs in Chinese astrology is the dragon. The ultimate symbol of royalty, divinity and power, the dragon is the most iconic symbol of the Chinese people. This Dragon figurine is artfully adorned with traditional gzhel artwork patterns and shades. Each art piece is uniquely handcrafted. The figurine is well suited for birthday occasions or simply celebrating someone’s birth year.