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SKU S-86777

Dutch Landscape Painting

Product specification details
SKU S-86777
Made by Handmade
Material canvas, oil paints
Dimensions 9.5 x 7'' (24 х 18 cm)
Artist V. Sorey
Picture / color hand-painted
Sailboats afloat in a canal, flat landscapes, windmills, lush trees, snow-covered villages, city streets with stone houses and squares: these are the signatures of a true Dutch landscape. With lyrical feeling and poetic charm, this type of painting captures nature during moments of calm, when foggy clouds drift low in the sky with the sun's rays just peeking through, casting a soft light over the water, tree branches, and roofs. Dutch landscape paintings are characterized by muted colors like light silver, olive-ochre, and hues of brown similar to those found in nature. Thin and precise strokes of color clearly and accurately convey real life. V. Sorey's "Dutch Landscape" is an exemplar of the genre and makes a beautiful decoration for your home, lending it a sense of mystery and offering a glimpse into another world.