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SKU S-101012

Chick Decorative Easter Egg

Product specification details
SKU S-101012
Made by Dom Berendeya
Material gouache, lacquer, wood
Height (w/stand): 5.5'' (13.5 cm); (w/o stand): 4.6'' (9 cm)
Easter eggs are an integral part of the most important Christian holiday, Easter. Children always look forward to this holiday when they get to decorate eggs and then give them as presents to friends.This Easter egg is a great way to add another touch of festiveness to your home decor for Easter. The egg is made and then decorated - by hand by the skilled Russian artists. Its bright, rich colors will make everyone's mood better, whether you buy this egg for your home, or give it as a present to your friends.On the one side, the egg has a cute newborn chick painted on it, and on the other, it displays two letters in Cyrillic "XB", which stands for "The Christ is Risen!"