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SKU B-195131

Egyptian Diary: The Journal of Nakht/Египетский дневник. Записки Нехта

Product specification details
SKU B-195131
Author Platt R.
Place of Publication Moscow
Publisher Katcheli
Year of Publication 2020
Number of Pages 64
Illustrations Color
Cover Hardcover
Format Large
Language Russian
ISBN 978-5-907142-89-3
Series Исторические дневники
Dimensions 339x252 мм

What was it like to be an aspiring young scribe in Egypt, circa 1500 BC? Picture it through the eyes of nine-year-old Nakht, who has just moved with his family to bustling Memphis, where his father has a prestigious new job. As Nakht takes up his own (often boring) lessons, little does he know that he and his sister, Tamyt, will soon stumble upon a sinister plot involving the robbing of nearby tombs — and will actually catch the high-ranking mastermind at a banquet inside their own house! As a reward, the siblings are invited to the royal palace in Thebes to meet none other than King Hatshepsut, whom they are shocked to discover is a woman — one of few female kings in ancient Egyptian history. Brimming with lively, detailed illustrations and bolstered with endnotes, a timeline, and a glossary, this newest tale from the author of CASTLE DIARY and PIRATE DIARY is sure to stir readers' interest in one of the most fascinating eras in history.

The Book is in Russian