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SKU Z-161553

Father Frost Masquerade Costume

Product specification details
SKU Z-161553
Made in Ukraine
Material faux fur, velour
Size Jacket's length - 140 cm
Cross shoulder - 62 cm
Sleeve length - 74 cm
Additional Information Set contains: jacket, hat, beard, belt, mittens
This costume of Grandfather Frost for adults is so realistic and authentic, that it will make every child believe in holiday miracles! The traditional red coat is decorated with a fur trim, and comes with a pair of mittens and a lavish beard. Surprise your family with this festive guise and create unforgettable memories of this joyous holiday season. ""Grandfather Frost the Red Nose!"" – is a familiar expression about the cheerful and good-natured king of the winter holidays. Is there more to his kindhearted demeanor than we think? According to some sources, Grandfather Frost is the direct descendent of Saint Nicholas, and in Russian folklore he represents and mimics the harsh spirit of winter. However, would Grandpa Frost achieve such fame and reverence in the modern world, were it not for his charming companion? We will take heed and follow the advice of the classic film ""Look for a woman!"" The stunning blonde beauty Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden, first gained popularity as a holiday character after the publication of a play by the same name, written by A. Ostrovsky and N. Nekrasov’s poem “Grandfather Frost the Red Nose.” The remaining mystery is how the single Grandfather Frost suddenly found himself a daughter, whom pop culture transformed into his granddaughter over time. Despite the historical discrepancies, simultaneously ironic and mysterious, it is thanks to the Snow Maiden that the Russian winter finally finds its long-awaited queen. Frost’s western counterpart is still actively searching!