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SKU S-160033

Father Frost with Helpers Nesting Doll (5 pc.)

Product specification details
SKU S-160033
Material gouache, lacquer, wood
Dimensions 2.1 x 3.2'' (5.2 х 8.2 cm)
Picture / color Handpainted
Additional Information Handmade
When you think of a symbol of Russia, Russian matryoshka comes to mind. Matryoshka won the hearts of folk art connoisseurs all over the world. This is a universal toy and a wonderful gift for children, friends and partners! Father Frost with Helpers Nesting Doll consists of 5 wooden hand-painted matryoshkas. The main matryoshka is Father Frost with a bushy beard. Inside Father Frost there is a snowman, a Snow Maiden, gifts and a small Christmas tree. Each doll is painted by hand, and therefore unique and original. Christmas themed Nesting Dolls make a pleasant surprise for children and a memorable souvenir for adults.