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SKU B-218048

Finding the Titanic. Level 4

Product specification details
SKU B-218048
Author Robert D. Ballard
Publisher Scholastic
Number of Pages 48
Illustrations Color
Cover Paperback
Format Medium
Language English
ISBN 9780590472302
Series Hello Reader
Dimensions 6x 8.9 inches
Even the youngest readers are fascinated by the Titanic, and Robert Ballard, the scientist who searched for, and finally found, the lost ship under the sea, has written this account just for them. Using simple language, photos, and drawings, he creates a vivid picture of both his quest and the sinking of the ship, telling that story through the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl who sailed on the Titanic and survived. This exciting true story is a magnificent reading incentive, inviting beginners to share the fascination of their older siblings and friends with this historic tragedy.