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SKU S-234787

Fish Handmade Vintage Ceramic Hanging Wall Decoration


Fish Handmade Vintage Ceramic Hanging Wall Decoration

Product specification details
SKU S-234787
Fill / Material glazed ceramics
Picture / color Hand-painted
Additional Information Handmade

This handcrafted ceramic fish is a unique wall decor piece.
The Fish is a spiritual guardian, bringing a touch of magic and a peaceful aura to your living space. 

The symbolism of the fish is closely intertwined with the element of water, its primordial, untamed power, ancient beginnings, and the source of life. Almost in all cultures, the fish is associated with wisdom and primal knowledge; it helps to find the right path, discover the truth, and lead away from destructive attachments.

The vintage-style ceramic piece is decorated with nazar beads. Nazar bead, or evil eye - is a cross-cultural symbol uniting people of all beliefs in a shared desire for protection and warding off negative energy.

- Handcrafted.
- Ethnic charm.
- Vintage style home/wall décor.
- Perfect meaningful gift.
- Limited quantity.

The size of the decoration:

6'' width, and 4.5'' height, and 3'' of hanging loop.