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Russian Souvenirs

Remember the good old times when everything was made by hand, creating items that were unique and special – each one of them? These times still linger in some parts of the world and we are happy to bring their creations to our customers! High quality Russian gifts, many of them handmade, are truly great in number and variety, ensuring that one can always find something he or she really loves. Showcasing some of the best-known Russian concepts and achievements from space flights to great architectural wonders, our souvenirs cater to every taste. Mugs and key chains, magnets and playing cards – our selection of Russian souvenirs will not leave you wanting. is the premiere place to find premiere Russian souvenirs!

It's quite fascinating to have Matryoshka Dolls (also called nesting dolls, stacking dolls, and babushka dolls) as part of your Folk Art collection. You can order a beautiful Matryoshka from our online store: