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SKU J-167656

Giraffes Set For Bead Embroidery

Product specification details
SKU J-167656
Set Contains Beads (Czech Republic)
fabric with printed pattern
Dimensions 11х14.2'' (28х36 cm)
Additional Information Please note: set comes without frame

A child's room should be decorated with bright, joyful wall pieces which evoke positive emotions and stimulate the imagination. Art like these colorful Giraffes - they don't have to have ordinary brown spots at all. Please note that this kit is partial drill - meaning that the beads do not cover the entirety of the image. The relatively simple stitching technique and a limited number of beads make this kit an ideal starting point for beginners. Add more vivid colors to your little one's childhood with this playful wall art!  

Bead Embroidery Set Instructions:

  1. The image is broken down into color patterns on the fabric.
  2. Each number corresponds to a specific color of the bead. To the left of the image is a key – use it to determine which color goes where. We recommend sorting the beads by color before getting started.
  3. Before beginning, iron the fabric on a soft surface – make sure to iron the reserve side.
  4. The beads should be embroidered diagonally, start your embroidery at the top left hand corner.
  5. Pass the thread through a needle and make a knot. Make sure to secure your thread with knots at the beginning and end of each row.
  6. Pass the threaded needle through the first square of the SECOND row, from the reverse side of the pattern. Place the bead onto the thread and sew it onto the pattern diagonally to the right. Pass the needle through the second square or the second row, and again sew your bead into place. Repeat until the entire row is complete.
  7. Once the first row is complete, the following row will begin in the opposite direction. For example, if you started from left to right, the following row will be worked from right to left.
  8. If you are working on a partial drill pattern - where only a part of the image is embroidered with beads: If the patterned row is interrupted with an image, do not stretch the thread across it to continue the horizontal row. Instead, proceed as if the row is complete and begin working on the following row directly below.
  9. If the set contains larger rhinestones, they are meant to be sewn with thread of the same color.
  10. Washing the embroidery is not recommended.
  11. The kits contain small and sharp objects. Suitable for ages 7 and up. Do not leave the kit unsupervised.
  12. ATTENTION: Not all kits contain thread and frames. Please read the product description carefully.