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SKU J-193562

Natural Stoneware Spoon Rest in Rose Dust Color

$6.99 $5.00
Product specification details
SKU J-193562
Material ceramics
Additional Information Eco-friendly tableware is made of natural and safe ceramics, non-toxic, does not interact with food.
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.
Care & Use Not dishwasher safe, Not microwave safe

The difference between ceramics and clay is that ceramics are fired at higher temperature. Firing clay transforms it from its humble, soft beginnings into a new, durable substance: ceramic.

Inspired Design – Hand-crafted in Belarus. Expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability. 

Eco-friendly – Eco-friendly ceramics made of natural and safe clay, non-toxic, does not interact with food. AB-grade porcelain/Ceramic, BPA-free and lightweight yet durable. Item is lead free.

Temperature range – The ceramic products are only suitable for using in the oven or in the “Russian stove”. Withstands temperature from -68 °F to 842 °F (-20 °C to +450 °C). Food does not burn in it, as the ceramics has the thick layer.

Thermoregulation – The ceramics has a unique ability to absorb and release moisture and, at the same time, to self-regulate the level of humidity and temperature. The products, cooked in the ceramics, are especially tasty and healthy due to the correct temperature regime.

Storage – The ceramic products are very convenient for storing various products. The high heat capacity of the ceramics keeps the dish and food hot for a very long time. If you decide to store cereals or flour in ceramic pots, you can be sure that insects will never appear inside of the pots.

Great gift – This product will be a great gift for any hostess!


  • Avoid big temperature changes. We recommend placing the product in a cold or warm oven (not hot). With a sharp temperature drop, the dishes can crack.
  • Do not use on electric or gas stoves. Do not use on an open fire.
  • Before use, we recommend that you wash the product. Hand wash with warm water, adding some baking soda, or use a regular sponge with a soap. Leave to air dry; do not wipe.
  • Dry the dishes without a lid. Store the ceramics in a dry place.

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