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SKU S-104029

Rose Menorah

$474.99 $188.00
Product specification details
SKU S-104029
Made in USA
Made by Artistique Design
Material enamel, metal, Swarovski crystals
Dimensions 13 х 12'' (33 х 30 cm)
This truly is an amazing piece of art! In fact, in order to find a similar beauty, one would have to go to a museum. "Hanukiah," or Hanukkah Menorah, is a candle-holder, that is lilt for the duration of the eight-day Hanukkah holiday. The lighting of the Hanukiah is the main ritual of the the celebration and symbolizes spiritual strength and triumph of holiness over everything that's unclean and the darkness that surrounds it.The eight branches, which had oil poured in them in the old days, but now generally are made for candles, symbolize the miracle, which happened during the McFadden fight over the Greeks.According to a legend, a single jug of holy oil was enough to keep the Menorah burning for eight days straight.