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SKU S-218414

Hermes Running With Caduceus

$66.99 $50.00
Product specification details
SKU S-218414
Material cold cast bronze
Size 6.3 x 3.54 x 8.66" (16 см х 8.99см х 21.99 см)
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.

He was considered the youngest of the gods of Olympus, so the Greeks endowed him with the function of patronizing childhood and adolescence, gymnastics and sports exercises. According to myths, he stole his attributes from other gods, since he was very smart from childhood. For example, he stole a trident from the sea god Poseidon, and a sword from the god of war Ares. The god of beauty Apollo has arrows and a bow, and the blacksmith god Hephaestus has tongs. He took the belt from Aphrodite, and the scepter from Zeus. Later, a bag of money became his attribute. The Greeks actively traded and believed that Hermes sent their ships a fair wind. He was also considered the inventor of measures, numbers, the alphabet, and a teacher of people.