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Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Traditionally, the living room is the heart and the main gathering place for the holidays. Of course, a Christmas tree is the main element that deserves a very special attention (discover our tips and glistening pieces to give your tree a wonderful theme and a burst of color Christmas ornaments ). Once the tree is put up and decorated, it’s time to spread the holiday cheer onto the rest of the room! Create a warm and inviting atmosphere to encourage your family and guests to relax and get cozy. Our themed tapestry pillows will decorate your couch or favorite chair, making a perfect space for snuggling sessions. Mix these pillows with throw blankets of festive colors: whites, greens and reds and put your favorite family holiday photos in festive frames on display to bring back those happy memories.

Once you have decorated your living room, it’s time to move on to the other areas of your home. Fun holiday figurines, toys and Christmas tree balls and Christmas ornaments, which can be hung individually on wardrobe handles and special display stands, all add a festive touch. It’s also a great time to showcase treasured objects, like winter themed paintings and jewelry and display boxes.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the holidays is the holiday meal! To make all of your Christmas specialties look as joyfully as they taste purchase the most festive-looking Christmas dinnerware pieces. With Christmas decor, it’s always "the more, the merrier" mentality, so elegant place settings, Christmas-themed napkins and Christmas tablecloths will not hurt, either. And don’t forget the essential drinkware: check our collection of Christmas crystal glasses for all kinds of drinks to add plenty of flair to the table.

It’s also surprising how scents can evoke associations and instantly bring us to certain periods of our lives. Seasonal scents such as pine, spruce, gingerbread, and cinnamon are just a few options for candles. Put the beautiful festive candle holders on side tables, shelves, dressers and coffee tables in all of your rooms and you’ll be able to make a sensory experience and create a special soothing ambiance in just a few seconds.

We hope our Christmas decorating ideas and tips inspired you and made it easy to create an inviting festive home where you can kick back and celebrate the magic of the season with family and friends.

It’s time to get decorating!