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SKU S-234788

Horse Handmade Ethnic Style Ceramic Hanging Wall Decoration


Horse Handmade Ethnic Style Ceramic Hanging Wall Decoration

Product specification details
SKU S-234788
Fill / Material glazed ceramics
Picture / color Hand-painted
Additional Information Handmade

This vintage handcrafted ceramic horse is a unique wall decor piece.

In many cultures, a horse is seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. 

The vintage-style ceramic piece is decorated with nazar beads. Nazar bead, or evil eye - is a cross-cultural symbol uniting people of all beliefs in a shared desire for protection and warding off negative energy.

Placing the evil eye decoration near the entrance of your home offers protection to the household. It serves as a guardian, ensuring only positive vibes enter your living space.

The unique piece of art adds an ethnic charm to any room, fits any interior, and could be a wonderful housewarming gift. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

- Handcrafted.
- Ethnic charm.
- Vintage style home/wall décor.
- Perfect meaningful gift.
- Limited quantity.

The size of the decoration:

5'' width, and 4.8'' height, and 3'' of hanging loop.